Ford Mustang GT by Geiger Cars

Over a year ago we had a chance to meet 2015 Ford Mustang GT and since then even to hear some speculations about new model. Mustang delivered the goods and Ford can be satisfied with reviews and sales. If you are wondering why we present a review about this car, then you probably haven’t heard about Geiger’s upgrade. Geiger is a German performance car tuner which developed new supercharger for the Ford Mustang GT Euro spec in order to increase power. Mustang naturally has a quite powerful engine, but Geiger wanted more. Number of horsepower they reached is way above outstanding.

Ford Mustang GT supercharged by Geiger Cars

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2015 Ford Mustang GT which was released on the European market had eight-cylinder which met demands of the majority of customers. This 5.0 liter V8 can deliver 390 lb-ft of torque and 421 horsepower. These figures were expected and more than satisfying. However, Geiger created wanted to meet demands of all those customers who only take care about having a powerful car. They created supercharger for this Mustang and it is only available for European models. With this supercharger this vehicle can reach 709 lb-ft of torque and exceptional 709 horsepower! Have you ever seen something like that? I guess no. Both acceleration and speed have been increased thank to this upgrade. Regular Ford Mustang GT can go from 0-62 mph for 5.8 seconds which we find quite decent. However, this supercharger increases acceleration to 3.9 seconds (we strongly advise not to test it in the city). With this add speed went through the roof with 190 mph.

Ford Mustang GT supercharged by Geiger Cars


If you think that Geiger didn’t pay attention to the outlook, you are wrong. Geiger’s Mustang comes with few interior and exterior changes. Cooling system is upgraded, beefier springs for front bumper as well, Brembo brakes are used and stability control system just had to be upgraded due to lots of power. Inside changes are more subtle. Shaker Pro sound system will give you unique feeling and create great atmosphere in the car. Apart from sound system, only seats are new. Recaro seats are used to provide more comfort during a ride.

Ford Mustang GT supercharged by Geiger Cars


Everything has its price and so does this supercharger. Basic kit costs 18,900 euros and you can also add stainless exhaust, lower springs and front and rear anti-roll bars for 5,800 euros in total. Therefore price of the complete Ford Mustang GT goes up to staggering 82,900 euros. It seems that power is definitely not for those who have shallow pockets.

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