Ford Galpin Auto Sports Rocket

With a new front end, hood, and wider fenders, all made from carbon fiber, we can freely say that the Ford Galpin Auto Sports Rocket has suffered some serious new body upgrades. Under the hood lies the Mustang GT’s original 5.0 l V-8 engine, but enriched with a Whipple supercharger. The spinning screws allow the Coyote engine to produce an amazing 725 hp figure. All that power is going to wheels through the 6-speed manual gearbox. The price for this amazing Ford Galpin Auto Sports Rocket model is around $100,000, depending, off course, on the selected option.

2016 Ford Galpin Auto Sports Rocket

Ford Galpin Auto Sports Rocket design


Fisker has taken the Mustang to a completely new level with the Ford Galpin Auto Sports Rocket model. A very sloped hood and big hexagonal grille with integrated, alien-robot looking, lighting are the parts of the custom front end bodywork features. The twin hood scoops are made in a way to remind of the 1968 Shelby GT500.

As far as the side of the car is concerned, it has been sculpted with massive dual inlets at the rear haunches, leading into extra-wide fenders, which help cover the massive 21-inch wheels that are equipped with the 15-inch, high-performance Brembo brakes.

The back end of the Ford Galpin Auto Sports Rocket goes well with the overall design, it is fitted with a sculpted decklid spoiler, hexagonal license plate surround that perfectly matches the front end, functional lower air diffuser, and 4 exhaust pipes peeking from under the car and bringing the roar from the V-8.

2016 Ford Galpin Auto Sports Rocket


When talking about the inside, we must say that the Rocket doesn’t come much different from the Mustang’s stock interior. Inside the car, you can see some bright-red leather upholstery on the seats, center console, and center stack. Carbon-fiber accents have been used for the dashboard and door panels. The interior has been changed just enough to be interesting, but still keep the design of the 2015 Mustang present. On the other hand, Rocket buyers will be able to tweak their Mustang’s interior with Ford’s big option list.

2016 Ford Galpin Auto Sports Rocket

Ford Galpin Auto Sports Rocket specs

Under the hood is where the entire Rocket’s magic comes from. GAS took Ford’s monster of an engine, the famous DOHC 5.0 l Coyote V-8 and used their “wizardry” to give it a very nice tune. They have equipped it with a Whipple supercharger and expanded the Coyote’s herd of horses from 435 to 725. Despite all the horsepower, the Rocket is very easy and fun to drive. The manual transmission is the same Porsche gearbox that the GT has. For now, the clutch is stock, but the serious drivers that will buy this monster, will probably go for a more substantial transmission option. Furthermore, some other changes on the Ford Galpin Auto Sports Rocket have been done, such as: an ECU tune, larger fuel injectors, free-flow cats, headers, and an easy-breathing air intake.

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