2015 Ford Ranger pickup truck

Is 2015 Ford Ranger pickup truck going to make a big come back to the American market? Dozens of online reviewers are trying to give an answer to this question in last few months. Before we start guessing what’s going to happen and what possible features will new American Ford Ranger going to carry with, we should take a look on this model’s spy shots.

2015 Ford Ranger pickup truck 4x4

2015 Ford Ranger pickup truck 4×4

2015 Ford Ranger pickup truck review


If Ranger comes to United States it can’t come as a copy of Australian made version. That way it would be too similar to the F 150 and it sales would stagnate due to F 150 popularity. So Ford will need to make this model different and almost ground breaking. Aluminum body panels would be a good start for something like that. It will make this Ford pickup truck lighter and much more fuel efficient. Since we haven’t seen too many trucks with that kind of construction it would definitely be something new to offer to the truck lovers around US. Under the camo, that the new Ranger wearing, we can notice new hexagonal chrome grille like we saw on Everest. There are also front parking sensors on the front bumper. That means a semi-automated parking aid feature could be available as an option. The rear side of the new 2016 Ford Ranger will be the same as the predecessors.

Ranger truck 4x4

2015 Ford Ranger truck


When it comes to pick up truck interior design, it is all up to who offer the biggest number of hi tech features. Truck are not made for industry or agriculture anymore, they became regular transport vehicles today, and modern driver wants as much comfort and hi tech as he/she can get. So if Ranger really does come back to the US market expect unexpected, it is going to come with supportive seats, premium leather upholstery, powerful sound system and infotainment system with an easy and practical layout. So expect all the features that don’t belong to a truck.

2015 Ford Ranger pickup truck 4x4 changes

2015 Ford Ranger pickup truck changes

New Ranger truck 4×4 drivertrain

One year is to short period to talk about some new powerful engine that’s going to change much in the pick up truck class. Powerplant of the new 2015 Ford Ranger pickup truck will be different in different regions. It will probably continue to use engines from the previous model. In that case it will be powered by 2.2-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger. This Ford Ranger diesel will have 150 horsepower or 110 kW. There also will be stronger diesel engine. This TDCi diesel engine will have displacement of 3.2-liter and it will deliver 200 horsepower or 147 kW. Both engines will be mated to 6-peed manual transmission. It will be standard transmission and automatic transmission will be available as an option.

Ford pickup truck changes

Ford pickup truck changes

2015 Ford Ranger pickup truck price and release date

It is really hard to guess the price of the vehicle that’s not even planed to be released on American market yet. Base version of F 150 will be sold for $25,025 this year, so that’s basically the only hint we have, because it is normal to guess that Ranger’s price is not going to be much different. On the US pickup truck market 2015 Ford Ranger will have strong competition like Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara.

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