2015 Ford Flex review

The 2015 Ford Flex is a blend of futuristic and retro design. Its release date is still not confirmed. However, the rumor has it that it might be in the market at the end of the year with base price about $30,900.

2015 Ford Flex

New Flex old design

Though the American car maker has not officially released a report about the vehicle’s design, there is speculation that 2015 Ford Flex is an improvement of the 2014 model. Both the exterior and interior design will be improved. It will have a capacity of 7 passengers with seats arranged in three rows. In addition, it will have 43 cubic feet space for keeping luggage. It will also have upgraded modern consoles.

2015 Ford Flex interior

The vehicle will come in three different trims: SEL, SE and limited. There will be a number of distinctions among them; however, mostly in interior design. Speaking of the exterior, the car has a retro look. Its front look is quite different from the present cars. The vehicle has no round corners, but a rectangular block design. The vehicle’s name is shown right in the front, unlike others. It also comes with high-quality fog lamps that can be use during winter and at night. This upcoming vehicle will have alloy wheels of decent texture. The standard model for this gorgeous car will be black, grey or silver. It will also have two pairs of indicator lamps on the side and back front. These lamps add more light and enable people follow your signals even from large distance. For the interior, the cabin of this vehicle will have seats made of high-quality leather. The dash board will have the latest modern elements such as MyFord Touch among others.

2015 Ford Flex towing capacity

2015 Ford Flex towing capacity

According to a number of reports, the Ford Flex 2015 will come in two power units. The primary choice will be the standard 3.5L V6, which can develop 254-1b-ft of torque and 287-horsepower. The second option will be 3.5L V6; however, with Eco-Boost, twin-turbo charging having direct-injection. This choice can produce 365-horsepower and a torque of 350-1b-ft. The SUV will only have a six-speed automatic gear box. 2015 Ford Flex towing capacity is 4500 lbs, just like its predecessor.

2015 Ford Flex towing capacity

2015 Ford Flex price

New 7 seater Flex will cost around $30,900, which is the cost for its standard SE model. The price is sound compared to interior space and powerful engine it comes with. The car has a top build quality, making the vehicle to be stronger and have a classic look. The Ford Flex 2015 starts at $40,300 with front-wheel drive. It costs $45,400, when it has ECoBoost V6 and AWD. The fully loaded 2015 Ford Flex limited may cost at least $50,000.

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